Since the 1930's, the Monessen City Park Amphitheater has graced the landscape, as a centerpiece of Monessen City Park. After years of sitting silent, the amphitheater has found new life, in a new century.


Our Mission

"To promote music, arts, and public events, in Monessen and the surrounding communities."


Our Passion

"To provide free-to-the-public community events to the City of Monessen and surrounding communities."


Our Hope

"To fully utilize Monessen Amphitheater, and Monessen City Park, for community events and activities; and, to indirectly stimulate the economy of the city of Monessen, the Mid-Mon Valley, and the Laurel Highlands, through our free events, and our advocacy for arts, music, culture, civic pride, and civic engagement."

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
— Victor Hugo

Special thanks

Our Supporters mean a lot to us. Without organizations, individuals, and Businesses like you we could not provide this service to the City of Monessen and the Mon valley.

Thank you!

  • City of Monessen
  • Monessen Parks Department
  • Monessen City Schools
  • Monessen Public Library
  • Monessen Civic and Recreation Authority
  • Laurel Highlands Vistors Bureau
  • Valley 1st Credit Union
  • Maccabee Industrial, INC
  • Monessen Community Development Corp.
  • Greater Monessen Historical Society
  • Westmoreland County Commissioners
  • CHarper Auto
  • Castle Blood
  • Virginia Monaghan
  • First Catholic Slovak Ladies Assoc. Branch 88
  • Dr. Martin Dudas
  • Candis Kelley
  • By George
  • Chris Buckley, Herald-Standard
  • Linzi Troilo-Dalfonso, Photography
  • Karla Spangler, Promotion Designs
  • Felicia's Restaurant
  • Monessen Gives Back
  • Off the Wall Arts
  • Monessen High School Leo Club
  • RP BBQ
  • Fumiko Green
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rizzuto